March 11 th , 2017

Dear KCCSC members,

We are busy getting ready for the camping season! Fish delivery will be Friday, May 12 th sometime between 10:00am and 12:00pm. If you can help, that would be greatly appreciated. The work days & luncheons have also been set. Sign in at 9:00am at the club house and lunches are served at 12:00pm. 
  • Sat. March 25 th Chili and potato soup provided, please bring desserts to share. 
  • Sat. April 1 st Hotdogs, burgers, buns, & condiments provided, please bring side dishes & desserts to share. 
  • Sat. April 22 nd Pulled pork, buns, and condiments provided, please bring side dishes and desserts to share. 
  • Sat. May 6 th Chicken enchiladas provided, please bring side dishes and desserts to share. 
  • Sat. May 20 th Sloppy Joes OR leftovers provided, please bring side dishes & desserts to share. 
If you attend at least one work day, you will receive a 50.00 voucher for your 2018 social dues. Please bring any tools you have available, chain saws, rakes, shovels, etc. Also ATV/UTV/Golf cart testing will begin on the work days (please not at the lunch hour though). Proof of insurance is also due at that time. Your sticker will cost 5.00 until Thursday, May 26 th at 7:00pm. After that it will be a 10.00 fee and no testing done on Memorial Day weekend unless it is a new member or a new machine. Hunting meeting dates have been set and will be held at the back camp house. You MUST attend one meeting to stay on the hunting list or the waiting list but you are encouraged to attend more meetings to stay informed.
  • Sat. June 10 th 6:00pm Potluck Meeting
  • Fri. July 14 th 7:00pm Snacks
  • Sun. Aug 20 th 1:00 pm Snacks
  • Sat. Sept. 16 th 6:00pm Potluck meeting

We still do not have an activities director but we do have members stepping up and volunteering to hold certain activities on holiday weekends. If you would like to hold an activity, please get in touch with a board member or attend a meeting to schedule your event. Please also let us know if you would like to head the adult and/or kids activities. There are some down trees at the entrance of the trails that you may take if you are unable to get down in the woods to cut for firewood. Please do NOT cross the wooden bridge down in the timber, it is not safe and needs repaired. If you have a project you would like done, please contact a board member. If you can’t make a work day, you can still earn your voucher by taking on a project on your own time with approval of the board. Please be mindful of the soft grounds when parking/driving on the grass. Any parking of campers up front must be approved. The water will be turned on March 25 th for the camping season. You may now leave the gate open on the weekends. If you are the first one out Friday night, leave open and if you think you are the last one to leave on Sunday, please lock it back up. It’s ok if you didn’t see someone left and locked it, better safe than sorry! Next meeting will be held at the CLUB HOUSE on Sat. April 8 th .

Hope to see a lot of you at the work days!

Denny Easley