• Our new board is as follows: President-Doug McGinnis, Vice President-Steve Lee, Secretary-Denny Easley, Treasurer-Janet Stokes, Trustee-Kim Shumaker, Trustee-Dan Workman, and Trustee-Justin Williams. Congratulations to the new board! Thank you for everything to the board members that are leaving us, Kevin Orman and Cathie Brush.
  • Fishing is now opened up full time! Thank you to everyone for following the rules and helping out our lake.
  • But unfortunately, the dump station rules are not being followed. Rocks and sticks are still being used to prop open the lid. This is not only our rule, this is a state rule and if the state inspector sees it, he/she will put a lock on it and shut down our dump station. Please buy your own hose or borrow one from your neighbor to use whiling dumping your tank. Also remember, NO feminine products, diapers, ect. in the porta johns!!
  • Halloween activities will be on Sat. Oct. 29th. Costume contest at the pavilion at 5:00pm, 3 different categories. 5:30-6:45 will be trick or treating at the campers. 7:00pm is a chili and soup cook off at the pavilion, separate categories. 8:00pm will be a haunted house at the camp house in the back. Janet still needs help with this.
  • The meeting on Nov. 12th will be at the club house at 9:00am and will be the rules meeting. Please study the rules and know which ones you would like changed before the meeting. Bring your own set of rules to follow along please. The water will be shut off that day after the meeting and help is needed please.
  • A few more reminders, if you are wanting to camp during the winter, we must have a written request. New camp spot change requests will be due at the first of the year. We are also accepting committee member requests in writing. A few new committees are also being formed including Shower House committee, Beach committee, Trails committee, & Utilities committee along with our present ones; Grounds, Lake, Kitchen, Hunting, Sanitation, ATV’s, Activities, Range, Park, and Web. If you would like to be on any of these, please write it down and bring to a meeting, board member, or send a picture of the written letter to Denny at 309-368-2228. Please pick up things around your campsite for the winter so they don’t blow around.